Saturday, January 23, 2010

A fresh look...

Thought my blog needed a new fresh look, so here is 3 month old Chaynie looking as cute as can be!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Newborn Maddux cute is this little guy? He is so sweet and for a newborn gave me a lot of fun expressions especially the smiles. I love the smiles. Mom and Dad were so great and were as determined as I was to get some great shots! What beautiful parents they are to this little blessing. I can't wait for the next shoot. Enjoy.

Near and Dear to my Heart...

This family is very dear to me. One day they will officially become my family and I cannot wait for that day :) I adore little Nathan and Meagan with all of my heart. There is never a dull moment with them around. Meagan is such a natural in front of my camera. She is a true beauty!!! And Nathan is quite the ham :) I love them so much. Enjoy!

The Collins Kids...

Once again, I had another fun shoot but this time with some older children. I will put money on it that there is never a dull moment with Mr. Haden around. He kept me entertained with his funny faces and goofiness throughout the shoot! Big sis is quite the beauty. I love how her coat frames her beautiful face and eyes! What a fun couple of kids they were! Enjoy.

Sparklies + cell phone =

a lot of Sydney smiles. So the trick at this shoot was to use mom's sparkly earrings to make Sydney smile and it worked every time. She is a true girly girl! And when the sparkly earrings began to bore Sydney, the cell phone was the perfect substitute! Look out mom and dad, I see a diva in your future :) LOL! Enjoy.

Corbyn's ONE!

It had been just about one year since I had seen Corbyn, so the change in her was significant. But of course, she is just as cute as can be. Her eyes are just stunning. She was a little hesitant but slowly warmed up to me. I absolutley love the shots of her with her hair in pigtails! Those shots were taken specifically for daddy:) What a beautiful family blessed with a lot of love and a very sweet little girl. Enjoy.

Chaynie's First Christmas Card...

Oh sweet little Chaynie will be the star of Christmas this year, but this family will not forget their little furry child, Gracie either! I don't know how many times I write and comment on how beautiful my clients are but they are! Even the furry ones :) I will be seeing Miss Chaynie on Saturday for her 3rd session with me...3 months!!! It's so crazy how time flies! Enjoy!