Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 29th.- August 5th. Please Read!

If you need to reach me for any reason during these dates, please call me 405-208-3405. I will not have internet access, so email will not be addressed until the evening of Aug. 5th!

Have a great week everyone. Off to see my family :)


Monday, July 27, 2009


I LOVE sleepy babies and this little guy slept so well. He was like putty in our hands. And I was so pumped to capture a little dreamy smile :) Enjoy!

Big Blue Eyed Beauty...

Seriously, this little one has some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. She wasn't full of smiles this day but smile or no smile, she is cute as can be. And I love the birthday hat her mother brought along...very cute! Little Riley is a July baby so we did some photos with a 4th of July theme. Enjoy!

Who needs a swimming pool?

Not Brody...he can have fun anywhere and he had a blast playing in the water at OU. Good thing we were at the end of our shoot because he got soaked but it was so fun watching him do it. These are his one year pics as you can see from the last photos. I guess he liked the cake...cuz he went for the cardboard too. Funny! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hockey for girls?

You betcha!!! Little Miss Cami's dad is from Canada and is an avid hockey fan and player. So how fitting it was for her mom to bring in little hockey skates for photos. So stinking cute! There are some talented artists out there knitting and crocheting away and I so appreciate them :) Makes for very cute pics! Cami is 3 months in these pics and her mom is bringing her in every month for the first year!!! I will be posting her 4 month soon. It's amazing to see the difference in her expression, alertness and her strength. Soon she will be here for her 5 month session and I can't wait! Enjoy!

Look out MLB...Rush is on his way...

Little Mr. Rush had some great expressions and I think he is going to be a flirt when he grows up. Just observe the look he is giving me in the collage above...LOL. And I had to post my favorite sad lip of all time. Check out the last photo. Aww...absolute sweetness. Love him and that pic! Enjoy!

Little spunky, curly haired blonde...

who had me laughing so much during this shoot...and why? Well, she has the most infectious and full bellied laugh I have ever witnessed. Her laughter is one of the funniest and cutest things I have ever heard. I just love the sound of true laughter coming from a child....there is just nothing that can compare in my opinion. And her being such a little dollface wasn't so bad either! Enjoy!

All about Madisyn...

Madisyn's mom wanted this shoot to be all about her beautiful daughter so we gave creative freedom to her and I think she did a super job with just a little coaching on the posing. I think she is just so stunningly pretty and that tanned skin is to die for! Just beautiful all around!!! Enjoy!

Twin Time...

and busy twins at that, but oh so cute! Although these litte ones are twins, their personalities were so different...little Addison was so shy and little Emma was more outgoing as you see in the shot where she is crawling towards me. Adorable! Enjoy!

Whole lotta love and cuteness...

at the Myriad Gardens. I'm sure I've written previously about this super family...they are just awesome to work with and such amazing parents. And their kids...well...just look at them...pure sweetness and beauty :) Enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Must love dogs...and sweet little girls too...

Couldn't you just pinch her little cheeks? She is just a bundle of cuteness. She brought along her buddy Dozer, but wasn't feeling up to having her pictures made with him. She was a bit camera shy, so I'm hoping next time Dozer will come along and we can try again. Mom did some pics with both Karee and Dozer. And Dozer...well...his pics speak for themselves...he's one handsome fella and definately not camera shy! Maybe he'll teach Miss Karee the same. Enjoy!

Oh how they grow...

The first photo is little Ms. Savanna's newborn pics in which she is 4 days old. The following two are her 3 month photos. She is still so tiny and sweet as can be. She wasn't much for sharing any smiles though...maybe I'm just not funny looking enough...LOL! Hopefully, we will be able to capture her personality better at her 6 month session. Enjoy!

Beautiful family of blondes!!!

This was quite the shoot. I will say I worked my tail off with these kiddos, but all in all it was a fun time!! I absolutely love their blonde hair and it was so much fun to witness each of their different personalities. And as you can see, sister loved to pose for the camera. Enjoy!